Our perspective on employee engagement

Every business recognises the importance of employee engagement: far fewer have grasped the means of cultivating it. Rather than attempting to foster it from the top down, we believe the secret to engagement is bottom-up: providing a space for colleagues and team-members to discuss their perspectives, problems, and preferences at work. Our Conversations bring colleagues together to share and discuss ideas, helping to create more united and engaged teams in the process.


Conversations have been designed to start a structured discussion amongst participants of a range of work-related topics, from the personal to the profound. Through a combination of short talks and group conversations, a member of our faculty will lead you through an adventurous session of big ideas and eye-opening perspectives.

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On The Importance Of Culture

Our Conversation On The Importance Of Culture is a chance to think through the arts and popular media, taking in a range of theories on why art matters.

On Identity And Self-Knowledge

Our Conversation On Identity And Self-Knowledge is a chance to examine the
roots of who we are and what we believe, incorporating key ideas from a number of philosophical traditions.

On Balancing Work And Life

Our Conversation around On Balancing Work And Life is a chance to talk bout
the challenges of pursuing a career whilst staying committed to our life outside of work.

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